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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Verizon Pay As You Go Plans

To get the best pay as you go plans for your basic cell phone, you wouldn't find better than Verizon wireless, the first wireless plans provider in the united states, and the first 4G Network, the most advanced cell phone plans providers with lots of features .

Verizon Pay as you go plans

if you want to get affordable plans then of course we'll recommend Verizon pay as you go plans, while there's no bills, no credit checks, no strings attached you'll get the best pay as you go plans from the leader 4G LTE Verizon .

pay as you go means is a system meeting costs as they arise or paying for a service before it's get used by you, this is matching our needs without paying more than we will use and in the other hand you'll get exactly what you pay for avoiding being defrauded anyway .

for basic cell phones you'll have to search for pay as you go plans as they considered as the best choice for individuals using cell phones for making important calls, sending text messages for relatives or friends, surfing the web or using messengers just like whats-app, Viber or Skype .

Verizon pay as you go plans

Let's get quick look over Verizon pay as you go plans and see which plan will meet your needs perfectly so you can decide which one you'll go for as your basic cell phone new plan , first of all there's two kind of plans , pay per minute plans and pay per day plans , every genre of them have it's own features you'd like to get, let's explain them and decide together which one is the best for the majority of basic cell phones users .

Verizon pay as you go plans
 Image source : Verizon

If you're really concerning about your daily minutes I'll recommend to you the " Per Day Plan " with $0.10 unlimited minutes you'll be totally satisfied with this, and if we moved into Mobile to Mobile calling that's for Verizon Customers only, just $0.25 per minute wouldn't be so bad but again I'll recommend to you the " Per Day Plan " as a better and much cheaper choice compared to what you'll get, when it comes to Messaging including text/pictures I'll recommend " Per Minute Plans " because you'll just pay for the one Message you will sent daily which it may not happen everyday so be smart and go with what you will really need and for sure it's not pay per day plan in this case, for Data web it wouldn't make a big difference between the two plans but again I'll recommend " Pay per minute plan " so as you can see it's even now, let's choose our winner by explaining access, with pay per minute plan you'll pay nothing but with pay per day it costs almost 1 dollar daily, so from my point of view I find " Pay per Minute plans " are the perfect choice for anyone .

So don't waste more time searching and comparing other plans, just check the list of plans choose your device if you don't have one then activate it in 3 minutes and enjoy Verizon pay as you go plans from here